METAL SENSITIVITY TEST: Unlike IgE antibody-mediated allergic reactions to metals, the Melisa test as the first scientifically based test through a type IV immune response helps explain symptoms (chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, cognitive impairment, depression, headache, fibrosis, headache, fibrosis, skin rash…) resulting from a hyperactive immune response to metals. Melisa test can analyze the immune response to 40 different metals (gold, silver, lead, platinum, zircon, mercury, titanium, aluminum, cobalt, tin…) and the test is intended for people with amalgam fillings and dental implants, people with orthopedic or surgical implants, women with intrauterine devices, people who have piercings, people who are occupationally exposed to metals, people with autoimmune diseases, and people whose symptoms cannot be explained by other laboratory tests, and there is a suspicion of metal exposure.

LYME BORRELIOSIS: MELISA test technology can also be used to diagnose active Lyme disease, especially in serologically and clinically unclear cases. A positive reaction to the MELISA test indicates the current active infection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensulato. In addition to the standard four recombinant antigens derived from B. afzelii and B. garinii, the test also includes three additional antigens derived from B. burgdorferi sensu stricto.


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