the mission

The mission of Analiza is to set a new standard of health care and prevention through continuous investment and monitoring of laboratory diagnostics, to preserve health and increase the quality of life..


Vision is to become a leader in the segment of laboratory diagnostics through a network of its health centers.

About us

Analiza is a diagnostic health center specializing in laboratory services. The comprehensiveness of testing, innovative services, the involvement of specialist doctors according to the performed laboratory diagnostics and the territorial distribution of business units are the basic characteristics of this institution. 

Analiza has been operating since 2001, and the long tradition of providing high quality services distinguishes Analiza as one of the leaders in the private healthcare segment, which is confirmed by over 150 thousand patients in 2021. The institution employs 75 employees, of which includes; 7 specialists in medical biochemistry, 1 master of medical biochemistry, 8 specialists, including 3 professors, nutritionists, 4 molecular biologists, 26 senior and secondary laboratories, 8 nurses and other non-medical staff and collaborates with a number of experts in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology.

By cooperating with European and American laboratories, we facilitate the availability of highly innovative diagnostic tests on the market to clients of the Republic of Croatia. In addition to a large number of biochemical, immunochemical, serological and microbiological tests in Analiza, special tests can be performed, such as:

• allergological testing

• food intolerance test

• fluid biopsies

• analysis of minerals and heavy metals from the hair

• a test to determine metabolic diseases in children

• paternity and kinship test

Special tests provide clients of Analiza with information about their health status that they have not been able to obtain so far, which can be a turning point in diagnosis and treatment planning.


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