Many diseases are asymptomatic until the advanced stage. Health problems start at the molecular and cellular level, and most of the “products” of such processes reach the blood, urine, and stool… To diagnose as accurately as possible, Analiza has designed a series of panels designed for people with specific health problems.

PREVENTIVE PANEL – GENERAL: includes analysis of complete blood count, fat metabolism
and analysis of friction enzymes

PREVENTIVE PANEL – EXTENDED: includes analysis of complete blood count, erythrocyte
sedimentation rate, glucose level, fat level, as well as liver enzymes, renal parameters and

LABORATORY PLUS – M: panel was created with the vision of prevention and improvement of
mens health, through the analysis of complete blood count, inflammatory elements, urine,
determination of glucose, fat, bile, liver and kidney parameters, electrolytes, but also monitoring
thyroid function gland, prostate health, and screening for colon cancer

LABORATORY PLUS – F: prevention and improvement of women’s health has its
characteristics, so this panel focuses on key elements: detection of potential development of
anemia, monitoring and detection of urinary tract infections and thyroid dysfunction, prevention of breast and colon cancer, with complete blood count analysis, glucose levels, processing of
internal organ function, electrolyte status

It is intended for people who, after overcoming COVID-19 with more or less severe symptoms,
still feel the consequences of the disease, and it includes analysis of hematological,
biochemical, immunological and coagulation parameters.

In addition to baseline tests, emphasis can be placed on additional immune and inflammatory
parameters, as well as a complete analysis of thyroid hormones and lung tumor markers.

COMPLETE THYROID PANEL: includes analysis of TSH hormones, as well as total and free
fractions of thyroid hormones and antibodies

MARKER PANEL – M: based on the detection of the most common cancers in men: colon, liver,
testicles, prostate with the analysis of the total tumor marker

MARKER PANEL – F: based on the detection of the most common
cancers in women: breast, ovaries, colon with analysis of total tumor marker

FERTILITY PROCESSING PANEL: includes pituitary hormone analysis (TSH, LH, FSH,
prolactin), ovaries (estradiol), the male sex hormone testosterone and assessment of ovarian
reserve (AMH)

DIGESTIVE PANEL: includes quantitative analysis of calprotectin, Helicobacter pylori antigen
from stool, a screening test for colon cancer (occult bleeding in stool)

PROSTATE HEALTH PANEL: includes analysis of PSA, free PSA, urine

COAGULATION PANEL: analysis of coagulation parameters (APTV, PV, fibrinogen)

PREOPERATIVE PANEL: includes analysis of complete blood count and urine, biochemical
parameters of liver and kidney function, and electrolyte status and coagulation factors

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