Analiza offers the possibility of antigen and serological testing for COVID 19.

An antigen test detects the presence of a nucleocapsid COVID 19 virus antigen in nasopharyngeal/nasal swab and is intended for testing symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals for rapid diagnosis of COVID 19 virus infection. In symptomatic patients, antigen tests give the most reliable results within five days of the onset of symptoms. Antigen testing is performed by rapid immunochromatographic tests of renowned European and world manufacturers. The tests are characterized by extremely high sensitivity and specificity, which ensures the reliability of the test.

PCR tests are performed by smearing the nasopharynx and the presence of the virus is proven by finding a viral RNA molecule, which is why the virus can be detected even before a person develops symptoms of the disease.

Unlike antigen and PCR tests that indicate current infection, serological tests indicate the presence of antibodies developed by the body when it encounters the virus. Serological tests detect IgM and IgG antibodies. IgM antibodies appear at the end of the first week after the onset of the disease and then disappear. IgG antibodies appear soon after IgM antibodies, and after overcoming the disease, their levels drop to lower values and they remain present for a long time.

Serological testing is performed from blood samples, high specificity and sensitivity tests, and the importance of serological tests is based on monitoring the development of immunity in both asymptomatic patients (a person is infected but shows no signs of disease) and in people who had a clear picture of COVID -19 infection. Serological tests can be qualitative (positive/negative) or quantitative (amount of IgG antibodies). Quantitative IgG serological tests for accurate determination of the concentration of neutralizing IgG antibodies are important in:

• monitoring population immunity

• monitoring antibody levels after overcoming coronavirus infection

• monitoring antibody levels after vaccination

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