Premium Plus Sensor

  • The most important genetic analyses in one package
  • Analysis of more than 110 genetic variations
  • Prevention and treatment optimization for more than 35 diseases and metabolic problems
  • More than 230 drugs evaluated based on effects and side effects
  • Genetic nutrition optimization (Nutrigenetics)
  • More than 1000 food types evaluated based on your genes
  • Lose and keep your weight easily based on your genetic information
  • Optimal prevention and treatment program based on the genes


This genetic analysis package contains all of our genetic analyses for prevention, healthy eating and weight control, and helps you reduce genetic disease risks and stay healthy. If you are already suffering from certain diseases, this analysis will help you to select the optimal therapy.

Prevention:Fit and healthy your whole life!

Our genes are the blueprint for our bodies, and control a variety of properties, such as eye color, height or talents. Unfortunately, our genes are not error-free, and each of us carries certain genetic defects or genetic variations that adversely affect our health.

These genetic variations can increase the risk of diabetes, thrombosis or cancer, they can determine how to effectively remove toxins from our body, they control food intolerances such as gluten or lactose intolerance, and how vulnerable we are to periodontal disease.

Genes determine which drugs are effective, which can lead to serious side effects, and if our immune system recognizes a titanium dental implant and rejects it.

By analysing more than 110 gene variations we can identify your disease risks, start a prevention program appropriate to your genetic profile or select the most effective treatment and drug therapy for the diseases.

Genetic variations affect how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients, and which substances can be converted and used correctly.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of many diseases; thanks to the newest technology, we can now analyse your genes and adjust your nutrition so that your genetic risks are neutralized.

If, for example, the genetic analysis determines that you have a high risk of developing osteoporosis, it is recommended that you change your nutrition so that you increase the calcium intake.Calcium-containing dairy products are therefore highly recommended. However, if you are also predisposed to lactose intolerance, your nutrition should include other calcium-containing foods, such as broccoli.

By taking into account more than 50 genes and more than 22 metabolic problems, the nutrition can be individually adapted to neutralize the genetic weaknesses, allowing you to remain healthy.

About 80% of obesity is caused by genetic variations.Since each of us carries other genes, some people may gain weight by absorbing too much fat, due to their unfavorable genes, while others can even have twice as much fat in the diet and still absorb only the necessary amount.The situation is similar with carbohydrates: some people gain weight because of the carbohydrates contained in the diet, while others are completely unaffected by the amount of sugar. The optimum amount of sport and calorie reduction also depends on the genes. Through an analysis of the eight relevant genes, a personalized weight loss program can be put together; according to an experiment, a personalized program may lead to a 2.5 times higher success rate.


Through the analysis of the relevant polymorphisms, we can obtain valuable information for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. You can find out to which diseases you are genetically predisposed, what drugs are most effective, and how you can reduce your risk. The nutrition program will also help you to adapt your nutrition so that you neutralize disease risk and stay healthy. The analysis for weight loss will either help you quickly and effectively lose weight, or maintain your optimal weight without much effort.

How it works?

If you and your doctor decide that you want to perform this analysis package, a saliva sample should be taken with a cotton swab. After arrival in our laboratory, your DNA is extracted, and the corresponding gene segments are examined for variations. Our scientists will then evaluate your genetic profile and create a customized prevention and treatment program for you. With the competent support of your doctor, you can then begin your personalized genetic disease prevention program.

What questions can this analysis answer?

As part of this analysis, more than 110 genetic variations are tested, providing you with answers to the following questions:

  • How high is your risk of suffering from more than 35 different metabolic disorders and diseases?
  • Is your calcium uptake restricted?
  • What drugs can have side effects and which are efficient for you?
  • What lifestyle changes are recommended?
  • Is Omega 3 good for your cholesterol levels?
  • How effectively can your body detoxify heavy metals, chemicals, smoke and soot?
  • How can you help your bodies detoxification?
  • How protected are you against oxidative stress?
  • What micronutrients does your body need, and at what dose?
  • Can your body convert CoQ10 correctly?
  • What makes you overweight? Fat or carbohydrates?
  • How can you lose and maintain your weight most effectively?
  • How do alcohol, coffee and addictive substances affect your health?
  • What prevention measures should you take to stay healthy?
  • And many more questions ….


  • Analysis of more than 110 genetic variations
  • Impact on more than 35 different disease patterns
  • Estimation of effect and side effects of over 230 medications
  • Determination of the requirement of micronutrients

The sensors contained:

  • Weight Sensor
  • Nutrition Sensor
  • Breast / Prostate Health Sensor
  • Bone Health Sensor
  • Toxo Sensor
  • Thrombo Sensor
  • Cardiovascular Sensor
  • Diabetes Sensor
  • Hypertonia Sensor
  • Pharmaco Sensor
  • AMD Sensor
  • Glaucoma Sensor
  • Gluten Sensor
  • Lactose Sensor
  • IBD Sensor
  • Alzheimer Sensor
  • Joint Sensor
  • Iron Sensor
  • Periodontitis Sensor
  • HIV Resistance SensorPremium Plus Sensor price is 9799,00 HRK (1306,50€)

Sport Sensor

Weight Sensor