Polyclinic Analiza with years of experience and knowing customers’ needs, has formed a new panel of services called Analysis of Sport. These are service packages designed for people who are engaged in sports activities, whether they are recreational or top athletes. The goal of this offer is to identify all the parameters that affect the outcome, the individual’s sports performance. The Analiza Sport Team was formed in order to achieve maximum performance without compromising health status. As part of the offered programs, the client receives a full service, from laboratory testing to consultation with a physician, nutritionist and personal trainer. Offered programs, besides determining the current health condition, also offer answers to questions about improving the existing condition, quality nutrition, adequate supplementation, and genetic variations that are different in each person. Knowledge of genetic characteristics, adequate regulation of biochemical parameters, proper nutrition and supplementation make the difference between athletes and healthy athletes.

We have 4 panels adapted to your needs:


Sport Basic represents basic  package that emphasizes the biochemical parameters important for maintaining and improving the health status and performance of athletes. The package includes analysis of hematologic parameters, electrolyte status, metabolic state, hormone status of the thyroid gland, cortisol levels, testosterone in men and prolactin in women as well as vitamin D and vitamin B status. Through the investigated biomarkers, Sport Basic provides basic information on body hydration, oxygen transfer capacity, macronutrient intake, immune status, bone marrow status, hormonal balance, level of physical effort and stress. All obtained data are useful in the analysis of adaptation to training and are used to identify physiological aspects responsible for changes in health and performance.


The Sport Superior Package with biological markers analysis puts aspect on nutrition of athletes through tests of food intolerance and Candida albicans antibody titration. Food intolerance is a delayed reaction in which the immune system recognizes characteristic food proteins as a foreign substance and produces an increased amount of IgG antibodies. Symptoms occur after a few days, and may affect all organic systems. In the athlete’s case, immune parameters are changed with an increase in gastrointestinal barrier permeability due to blood flow reduction and temperature rise during physical effort. For a more detailed and better image of the diet, an analysis of the Candida antibody status  is carried out in order to pay particular attention to the intake of carbohydrates and fermented products. After creating a personalized diet that will respond to energy and nutritional needs, athletes can expect improvement in psychophysical status, elimination of psychogenic factors such as tiredness and lethargy, increased flexibility, maximum speed and endurance, positive heart rate, body weight control, and body fat reduction.


Although biological features are inherited from parents, genetic predispositions can significantly affect the progression or stagnation of athletes. Through sporting activities, it is often predestined to achieve the best results, and health is “pushed” into another plan. To stop this negative trend, the Sport Premium package is designed to provide a complete image of each individual, from biochemical parameters to getting acquainted with all genetic variations of the body through the Sport Sensor test.




The Sport Sensor offers information on:

  1. Muscular structure and talent
  2. Oxidative stress and detoxification capacities
  3. Inclination to inflammatory reactions and injuries
  4. Periods of necessary recovery
  5. Optimal micronutrients supply (vitamins, minerals)
  6. Optimum weight and calorie distribution
  7. Optimal diet based on its genetic variations before, during and after training

After identifying the personal genetic strengths and weaknesses, Polyclinic Analiza team will turn gained information into a suitable strategy to achieve optimal sports performance.


It represents the exclusive and most complete package of services. It encompasses all biochemical parameters, important for identifying individual physiological aspects, food intolerance analysis and Candida antibody, which is necessary for optimum energy and nutritional status and a Sport Sensor preventative genetic panel that is important for detecting physical performance for which the genetic basis is responsible. Thanks to the data obtained, it is possible to have a better planning of the training and to achieve and maintain the energy and calorie balance through the individually designed menu and the supplementation therapy. Such an approach would reduce the chance of injuries and optimize the sport’s result, all in order to create a healthy sport future.